Patrio Guidelines

We've put in place some guidelines to create a fun yet effective environment for all patriots. Warnings, photo removals (and possibly account removals) will be issued to users that do not abide by these guidelines, which will be reviewed by the Patrio team on a case-by-case basis.


Our app is created for the purpose of connecting conservatives in real life. Therefore, being honest about your identity (and not pretending to be someone else) is key. Please don't include any photos of inanimate objects, text, irrelevant content to your profile.

Treat Other Users with Respect

Harassment of other users is prohibited. All users reserve the right to use the block and/or report function within the app.


Only post photos, or other content that belong to you. Copyright material not owned by you may be removed.

Inappropriate Content 

Any and all sexually explicit, nude, or pornographic material is banned from Patrio. 


Please do not post pictures of children unless an adult is also present in the photo. This is to protect kids and maintain their safety.

Illegal Activity

Illegal activity is not tolerated on Patrio. Any detection of illegal activity will result in immediate termination from the app.


Patrio is a community with the purpose of connecting single patriots.  Therefore, no solicitation, advertising, fraudulent activity or financial transactions allowed. 


Please use common sense when meeting someone you have connected with through our app. Meet in well lit, populated places, and do not share your personal private information (PII) with anyone you do not know.