5 Essential Photo Rules For Your Profile

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? What do those words say when someone sees your dating profile? Just as you might make a snap judgment on someone's picture, you can bet the person on the other side is doing the same thing. It's hard to get someone to feel like they know you if they haven't met you, of course, but there are some important tips to increase your chances of forming that connection from the moment they lay eyes on your profile. Take some well-needed time to go through your pictures so you can get more matches!


When it comes to boosting the quality of your profile, the more the merrier. Patrio allows for up to six photos, so take advantage! Let your personality shine through for your potential match-to-be.


Blurry photos are always a headache to look at. You can always preview your Patrio profile to make sure your pictures are in top shape. And quality doesn't just apply to the way you use the camera. It might go without saying, but put up your best pics! We recommend some face-forward, smiling shots where you look your happiest. That's the best way to make it personable, like they're getting to know you. Include a full-body shot (these are always appreciated), but pass on the mirror selfies. Those just look sloppy.


Try to stick with pictures that have been taken within the last year. If you are a repeat offender of old pictures (you know who you are!) it's time to retire those. You're maturing and growing all the time. Reveal your most current, confident self by putting your best forward. Giving an accurate portrayal of who are you today shows you're honest, trust-worthy and ready for a relationship. This type of comfort and confidence is really attractive.


Use your activities and interests to your advantage. Pictures that show you in action are great because they give someone a better sense of your personality and what you like. A photo of you hiking lets a person know you love the fresh air and outdoors. If you play an instrument, share that. Let them picture what a day with you would entail. You're certain to get more responses!


Photos with friends and large groups should be used more infrequently--especially when it comes to the very first picture. Have you ever seen those profiles where none of the pictures are solo? It's confusing and hard to tell who you need to be focusing on! Make it easy for your match. Group photos are ok sometimes, but they shouldn't consist of more than half your portfolio.

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